Why you need more Daylight in your home

Natural light has too many positive aspects to ignore. Access to sunlight has been linked to changes in our well-being and attitude, and natural light will render a room warmer and brighter and give a feeling of more space.


Health Benefits

Natural sunlight has many other advantages. One of them is helping you grow and preserve beautiful plants in your house, and tests have shown that growing plants in your home can also have beneficial effects on your health and well-being.


Sunlight Turns Into Vitamin D

It provides vitamin D for the body, which is an essential nutrient that prevents degradation of the bone and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers.


Updating Your Body Clock

It helps wake us up in the morning and has been linked with helping to reset circadian rhythms, which is linked with digestion and cell regeneration.


Health Risks Without Daylight

A lack of daylight can have a negative effect on human psychology, making us feel down, anxious or even depressed. If you don’t wake up sunlight, then it can also make you feel lethargic and could be messing with your body clock.


Benefits for your home


Increase In Value

A survey has concluded that natural light is the number one characteristic that people seek when they buy a family home. The report (completed by Origin Global) showed that 26% would choose natural sunlight as a family home’ must-have’ feature. Furthermore, a study of 2,000 people by David Village Lighting discovered that a fifth of the people surveyed wish they had more direct sunlight in their home, with weak natural light contributing to property owners feeling unhappy with their home’s appearance.


Lower Heating Bills

It’s not just daylight that can be improved in your interior spaces by using sunlight, but heating too. It may not seem evident at first, but the ‘solar gain’ (heating effect of sunlight on an interior space), through the choice of the correct thermal glazing products, can be controlled and regulated. Essentially, with an intelligent design, you can not only light up your home but also heat your property using natural sunlight, while adequate insulation can ensure this interior climate is maintained.

A properly double glazed property will benefit hugely from natural sunlight as it will heat the home, but the double glazing will help retain that heat, keeping energy bills down and your home warm and cosy.

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