Why choose uPVC flush casement windows

Windows are one of the most important design decisions for your home. Not only do they need to meet the vital functions of good ventilation, top security and natural light – they also need to enhance your home aesthetics on the inside and out.

With a plethora of window options out there, finding that perfect blend of form and function is no mean feat. The design possibilities are endless, and can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, but don’t worry, here at Sussex Glazing we’re here to help. Read on for our ultimate guide on uPVC flush casement windows, and why this could be the window style for you.


First things first, what is a uPVC flush casement window?

Simply put, a uPVC flush casement window sits flat against the outer frame, meaning that the exterior of your window will have a clean, flush appearance that doesn’t protrude.

This window style is a homage to the classic appeal of timber wooden frame window design – but made with a more modern and thermally efficient material, uPVC. The material boasts low-maintenance qualities and offers homeowners the slim appeal of aluminium frames without the price tag.


Other benefits of uPVC flush casement windows

 Versatility – this window style is a great choice whether you’re building a new extension or retrofitting your existing windows. The flexibility in design means this style is suited to a modern or traditional house and will be sure to make you the talk of the street.

At Sussex Glazing, we have a huge range of colours, hinges, handles and glazing options to choose from too. You can take design inspiration from its classic timber counterpart and include one of our woodgrain finishes, opt for an on-trend colour way like anthracite grey, or add to your kerb appeal with a statement design feature such as Georgian bars to ooze heritage detail.

Energy efficiency – another tick in the box for the uPVC flush casement window is its energy efficiency properties. Rated A+ and with triple glazing options available, you will be guaranteed to eliminate cold spots and excess heat loss – all helping to keep energy bills as low as possible in your Sussex home.

 Low maintenance – let’s face it, the list of household chores can be endless, so anything that we can put into a low maintenance column works for us! Our uPVC flush casement windows need very little attention after installation, they won’t rot or warp over time, and a quick wipe-over every now and then should make sure they preserve their beauty, giving you time for an all-important cuppa gazing out the window.

 Security – understanding the safety properties of the windows you choose will be at the top of many homeowners’ shopping lists, and rightly so. Our flush casement windows have an advanced multi-point locking system, as well as Secured by Design and PAS 24 certification for added peace of mind.

So, there we have it, the ultimate guide to uPVC flush casement windows from Sussex Glazing. If you’re feeling inspired to add these windows to your Sussex home, get in touch and request a quote today from our expert team and we will get your project started.

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