Timber Sliding Sash Windows

About Timber Sliding Sash Windows

Sash windows have been popular throughout Great Britain for hundreds of years. They first came to prominence in the Georgian era and their popularity continued to grow in Victorian times. These windows are designed so one or more sections of the window are able to slide over each other using cords and counterweights. Here at Sussex Glazing, we install these windows in a variety of materials, including timber. The timber sliding sash windows that we install are built to the highest standard, and offer you a very high level of quality at an affordable price.

Slick and stylish

The timber sash windows are preferable to UPVC windows for many people, due to their aesthetics. We install timber windows that use engineered timber, meaning the frames can be much lighter and slimmer, and essentially more pleasing on the eye. When it comes to their appearance, it is hard to beat timber sash windows.

Solid and strong

Historically, wood is a material that has suffered when it has had prolonged exposure to the elements. However, the windows we install are created with timber that has been engineered to withstand this warping. In fact, this method of creating timber – which sees layers of wood placed on top of each other with the grain running in different directions – has led to the production of a highly durable material.

The fact that this wood is much more rigid than it once was also means that it requires far less maintenance than it would have done in years gone by. That means you can purchase your windows and relax, safe in the knowledge, that you wont have to sand them down and varnish them every few months.


Wooden sash windows are not on the same level as UPVC windows, when it comes to keeping the warmth in, but they are still very effective. We install these windows with high-performance double glazing that is extremely effective at reducing heat loss to the outside world.

We use other modern materials in the construction of these windows, which help to prevent conductivity, allowing less heat to escape around the edges of the windows.


Sash windows were always considered to be less secure than other styles of window. However, this is no longer the case. Here at Sussex Glazing, we install sash windows using internal mechanisms, which are very effective at helping keep your Sussex home safe from intruders. We can also fit the glass on the inside of your home, meaning that the panels can only be removed from within, making it even trickier for an intruder to gain access to your home in Sussex.

You choose

We know that your Sussex home is very important to you, which is why we offer you a range of choices along the way. We can, for example, offer you a wide variety of finishes, catches and sash lifts, meaning you can create your own windows that best match your home.

We also offer a range of colours for you to choose from, so you really can pick the one that best fits your wants and needs.

Benefits of timber sliding sash windows

  • Incredibly stylish compared with UPVC windows
  • Timber windows are now stronger than ever
  • Engineered timber is much more resistant to degradation
  • Huge range of personalisation options – finishes, colours, catches etc
  • More secure than timber windows of years gone by
  • Well insulated
  • Sustainably sourced materials

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