Timber Windows

About Timber Windows

UPVC windows are a fantastic low maintenance and highly durable alternative to timber or aluminium framed windows. Here at Sussex Glazing, we install high quality, environmentally friendly UPVC windows that are produced by one of Europe’s leading extruders.

If you are looking for simple yet effective windows in your home, then you may wish to consider these. They are long lasting, safe and secure and are also pleasing on the eye – especially our slim sash windows, which minimise the frame thickness, whilst maximise the area of glass on show.


Timber Casement Windows

Here at Sussex Glazing we offer a wide variety of windows and doors for you to choose from. One such option is timber casements, which offer you a slick and stylish finish, whilst never failing to compromise on quality. Timber casement windows are a popular choice amongst many people, and make a fantastic addition to a residential property. No matter which room you are tying to enhance, timber casements should always be considered.

Timber Sliding Sash Windows

Sash windows have been popular throughout Great Britain for hundreds of years. They first came to prominence in the Georgian era and their popularity continued to grow in Victorian times. These windows are designed so one or more sections of the window are able to slide over each other using cords and counterweights.

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