How To Your Keep Windows Clean

This is our guide on how to invite the brightness back into your home with sparkling clean windows. 


When to clean your windows

Tying to keep your windows clean for the whole year might seem like a daunting task, so we recommend starting with something smaller, like cleaning the glass panes during spring, summer and autumn.


Avoid the summer heat

If your windows are warm while you are drying them, the glass can be left with streaks, ruining all your hard work. So at Sussex Glazing we recommend waiting for an overcast day to avoid the sun.


Overcast days are the best 

The worst thing would be to spend all day cleaning your windows only to realise you missed a spot, to avoid the irksome issue of streaks or dirt, an overcast day is best. For the same reason that it provides excellent lighting for photography, cloud cover can help illuminate any blemishes and streaks on your glass.


Inside and out

At Sussex Glazing we suggest cleaning the inside of the window more frequently than the outside. Start the process by removing any blinds and wiping off the accumulated dust with a microfiber cleaning cloth, if you have curtains this is an opportunity to wash them.


Window borders

The rubber seals around between the glass and the frame is often neglected and is a prime spot for mould and dirt to collect. Before you start on the glass dip a cloth in a branded mould remover or a weak solution of household bleach to give the seals a thorough clean.


Glass Cleaners

Although vinegar is often considered a fantastic cleaner, it fails to kill germs and still falls short of the finish of soap and water. Using a squeegee to remove excess suds, and using our top tip for streak-free drying (see below) you end up with a crystal clear finish every time. Commercial glass cleaners are also a good option and can be easier to apply on the inside of windows without making a mess. 


Newspaper is old news

Instead of staining your hands with ink by using newspaper, try an (unused) dry paper coffee filter to clean your glass surfaces. Use it as you would a buffing cloth, as the filter is made to hold hot water and be lifted out without tearing it can handle a bit of abuse cleaning your windows. The fine structure of the paper will give a beautiful finish; we recommend using multiple large ones to cover a larger area and dry it completely


Erase any marks on your window

If you can get your hands on a blackboard eraser, they are superb for buffing the shine of your glass and leave no streaks whatsoever. After cleaning your windows, run a clean and dry blackboard eraser over the glass surfaces for a beautiful streak-free finish.


Don’t Forget the Frames

The material of your window frames will dictate how often you need to clean them and also the method to employ. For aluminium windows give them some love with the same soap and water you used for the glass. Once the frames are clean, use a soft cloth to buff the aluminium and provide a sublime and sleek finish. 

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