How to save energy at home

With energy costs going through the roof, us homeowners all asking the same question – how we can save energy at home to minimise our monthly bills? By creating a well-insulated home, you can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat your property, which can have a significant impact on your monthly outgoings.

We’ve compiled a list of energy saving tips to help you reduce the amount of energy you’re using at home.

Draught-proof your windows and doors

A lot of the heat lost in your home can be through the windows and doors, especially if your existing ones are old and inefficient. A quick energy saving tip is to draught-proof your windows and doors to minimise heat loss.

There are several draught-reducing products which you can buy for windows, such as self-adhesive strips which can be stuck around the frame to minimise heat loss and cold spots. Doors are also very vulnerable to draughts, so make sure you draught-proof all the areas where heat could be lost, such as the letterbox, bottom gap, keyhole and gaps around the edges. Even sticking a curtain in front of your entrance door can have a big impact on keeping the heat in your home.

Installing secondary glazing

If you want to take it a step further, you can install secondary glazing. Secondary glazing is an additional pane of glass which is installed on the inside of a window to provide an extra level of insulation. We have a huge range of styles to choose from, including lift out, vertical sliding, hinged, horizontal sliding and fixed, so you can find the perfect solution for your home.

Replacing old windows and doors

There are many things which can be done to minimise the heat loss through windows and doors. Inefficient windows and doors can create cold spots in your home, which we normally compensate for by turning the heating up, resulting in higher energy bills.

Over time, the insulation of windows can worsen. It may get to the stage where the best course of action is to replace them.

Windows have become a lot more energy efficient in the last 25 years, resulting in better performance which can save you huge amounts of money. Our range of aluminium windows are highly thermally insulated, perfect for creating a warm and efficient home to reduce your energy usage.

If you have single glazing, the savings you can make by upgrading to double glazing are phenomenal. A study by the Energy Saving Trust in 2016 showed that a detached, single glazed property can save up to £155 a year by installing double glazed windows, and the increased energy prices mean these figures will be much higher today.

Front doors have also developed significantly to offer much better performance. Traditionally timber or PVCu doors were the most popular choices for UK homes, but composite doors and aluminium doors provide a much more effective option, especially in terms of insulation. We provide a wide range of composite and aluminium entrance doors which minimise heat loss, and you can use our door designer to create your dream door today.

How to save energy at home with Sussex Glazing

If you’re looking to save energy at home then speak to our team of experts today. Our wide range of products, including aluminium windows and doors, are built to be energy efficient and help create a warmer property. Give us a call today on 01273 287287 to see how we can help you reduce your energy bills with new double glazing.



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