Can Double Glazing Reduce Your Energy Bills

Double glazing is one of the most popular additions to the modern home, providing further protection from the elements and improving your windows. The reason many people use double glazing is that you save money in the long term, using double-glazing for better insulation. Read on to find out more about whether using double glazing saves on your energy bills and other ways you can save money on your energy.

Reducing your energy tariff

Getting double-glazing on your windows is a good start in reducing your energy bills, however, it is not the only way of doing so. When reducing your energy bills, consider changing suppliers as a way you save on energy bills. This means that you eliminate the risk of spending more per unit on your energy, saving you money before you make the change to double-glazing. The potential list of suppliers is vast, including:

  • E-On
  • British Gas
  • Npower
  • EDF
  • Scottish Power
  • Ovo Energy


You always have the potential for a cheaper supplier if you examine the market effectively.

Does double-glazing save energy?

Put simply, yes. Double glazing saves a significant amount of energy for your property, which means that you make significant savings in your bills. This government report from 2016 establishes some of the potential savings individuals make in a range of different properties when making use of double glazing, with savings of up to £155 annually. Importantly, these figures were prior to the rise in the price of energy, so savings are more significant as time goes on.

Fuel and energy price increases

One of the biggest issues for homeowners in the coming months and years will be the rising price of energy. As energy supply is low, the price cap rises and bills rise alongside it. This means that measures such as installing double glazing ensure that your home saves a significant amount of money every month. As the cost of living rises, every saving is important. Installing double glazing makes sure that you’re in the best possible position for saving as much money as possible.

Other measures to save on your bills

Although double glazing is one of the most effective ways of stopping heat from escaping your property, there are other steps that you can take. Read on for some of the most important steps in protecting your home’s energy supply:

  • Roof insulation: Preventing your property from losing heat out of the top.
  • Tighter door seals: Loose door seals allow cold air into the property.
  • Insulate cavities: Prevent heat exiting through holes in your property’s walls.

Try Sussex Glazing

If you’re interested in getting double glazing for your windows, or even repairing your current windows, get in touch with the Sussex Glazing team today. Our friendly team of experts offer high-quality help and advice, helping you to save as much energy as possible throughout your property in the colder months of the year.

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