Are aluminium windows better than upvc for my Sussex home?

For many years, uPVC windows have without doubt been the most popular window style for homes across Sussex and the rest of the UK. Recently though, there has been a clear rise in popularity for aluminium windows as a genuine alternative.  

The sleek frames and development of thermal break technology means UK homeowners now choose them for their performance, as well as their style. But is it just a trend? Or are aluminium windows better than uPVC for your Sussex home?  

Are aluminium windows more stylish than upvc? 

Traditionally, uPVC windows were similar in style, with standard white casement frames. However, that has now changed. You can now have your uPVC windows in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit your Sussex home. There are also a range of different opening styles, such as sliding sash or tilt & turn. 

Aluminium windows also have an impressive level of design flexibility. However, what sets them apart from uPVC is the slimness of the frames. Aluminium is a stronger material, meaning they can hold more glass, while still boasting slim profiles for a sleeker design. This allows for larger glass areas to create light-filled spaces.  

Aluminium heritage windows are also available so you can get the classic steel look, while benefitting from modern performance. 

How energy efficient are aluminium windows? 

As aluminium is a good conductor, it was traditionally not a great material for windows. However, the development of thermal breaks, which reduces heat transfer through the window, means they are now exceptionally good at retaining heat. 

The high insulation levels keeps the cold air out and allows you to create comfortable living spaces in your Sussex home all year round. If you want to take this even further, you can also opt for triple glazing. 

How secure are aluminium windows? 

Aluminium and uPVC windows are both secure options for your home. They use similar locking systems and hardware and are usually both Secured by Design and PAS 24 certified. However, aluminium is a much stronger material, meaning they are more robust and resistant to attacks. 

How long do aluminium windows last? 

Aluminium windows have a much longer lifespan than uPVC. The durable frames can withstand extreme weather and the marine powder coating makes them perfect for properties in coastal areas, where the added level of salt in the air can make them wear down easier. This finish means they will last for longer in these environments, which is ideal for homes in seaside towns such as Eastbourne, Worthing, or Bexhill.  

All these things mean aluminium windows last for around 30-45 years, compared to 25-35 years for uPVC.  

Are aluminium windows cheaper than uPVC? 

Aluminium windows do have a higher upfront cost than uPVC windows. However, you are paying for a longer-lasting, high strength product. It could be argued that the increased lifespan and energy efficiency make aluminium windows a more cost-effective choice for your home. 

The verdict 

Both uPVC and aluminium windows are brilliant options for your Sussex home, each with their own benefits. However, if you want a longer-lasting, energy efficient and secure choice then aluminium windows will be the ideal one for you. 

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