Sash window

The most frequently installed sash window is the upper and lower sash, which move up and down in the same direction as the window frame, usually in a straight line. Depending on which version you have or prefer, if the upper wing is fixed, you know it as a single – hanging cutting window. Single sash windows have two sashes, but they also have three or four different types of sash windows, such as double, triple and double sash windows. Simple window with two sashes: The upper sash is usually fixed, and only the lower sash can be opened. If only the lower sash is movable, as is the case, the window can also be hung up twice, with the upper and lower sides of the frame moving independently of each other. In this case, you can open a window by pushing the floor upwards. In contrast, in a double-hanging window, you would have to open the window in the opposite direction, with the upper saddle sliding downwards and the lower sap pushing upwards. Traditionally, sash windows were made of wood, but other materials were also used for their manufacture. Our Sash Window Workshop specialises in the development and production of high quality, high quality and affordable windows.


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