Transform your home with a new composite front door

If you’re looking to upgrade your Sussex home with a new composite front door, Sussex Glazing offers the perfect solution. Composite doors have surged in popularity as a high-quality replacement for traditional timber and uPVC doors. But are they the right door for your home?

What is a composite door?

Composite means ‘made from a combination of materials’ and it’s this that gives our front doors their unique properties, helping them perform to the highest of standards. Our composite doors have a rigid polymer frame with an insulated foam core which is what makes them durable and long lasting.

Discover the benefits of a new composite front door

Our composite front doors combine the timeless appeal of timber with modern advantages, making them an ideal choice for your home in Sussex.


Keeping your home safe is your top priority, which is why we recommend a new composite front door. The multi-layers of foam core and the tough outer frame, made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) ensure that these doors are strong and resilient, protecting your home from intruders and any extreme weather conditions.

Composite doors from Sussex Glazing feature multi-point locking systems to give you peace of mind within your home. Our doors are equipped with TruLock, a low friction hook thrust plate, which allows for a smooth and simple operation whilst keeping your home safe. For added security, opt for Entry Guard, which includes a guard bar that is stronger than a traditional door chain.

Energy efficiency

Choose a new composite front door to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. These doors have an insulated foam core, which means they’re unaffected by variations in temperature and can withstand any extreme weather conditions, making them perfect for homes by the coast. A highly energy efficient door helps eliminate draughts and lower your energy bills.

Design flexibility

Here’s the fun part! Your new composite front door will be the focal point of your home, so we understand how important it is to match your personality. At Sussex Glazing, our doors are available in a variety of designs and colours that can be tailored to you. Choose from standard or stable doors and whether you’d like to add side panels or top lights to your entranceway. If you really want a door that stands out, add a unique glass design or a trending colour. To make the process even simpler, why not use our composite door designer to bring your design ideas to life.

Choose a new composite door from Sussex Glazing

Transform your home with a new composite door this summer! Whether you’re looking to brighten up the exterior of your home or just want a door with extra security, our composite doors could be the perfect option for you.

Looking for more information or want to discuss your specific requirements? Contact Sussex Glazing on 01273 287 287 or email If you’re ready to take the next step by transforming your home with our Sussex composite doors, get in touch today.

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