Cheapest energy providers to further reduce your bills

Cutting down on energy bills is an integral part of balancing your budget, especially now that we are in a cost-of-living crisis. Find out some tips for finding the cheapest energy supplier possible, and why a cheaper energy supplier is ideal for protecting yourself financially in the coming years. 

When you’re looking for good deals on your energy supply, finding the cheapest energy supplier possible is a must. After all, energy bills are a significant part of everyone’s day-to-day costs and are increasingly unavoidable with the way that smart devices are permeating into our day-to-day lives. Find out why cheap energy bills are a must, along with a few tips for cutting down on your energy bills. 


Why are energy bills so significant?

Energy bills are such a significant part of budgeting our day-to-day lives because they are such an unavoidable part of your finances. Regardless of how much energy you think you use, you’re always running a fridge and freezer, charging your devices and losing money without even noticing. Government statistics show that energy bills have almost doubled since 2010, and with international crises continuing to drive the prices up there is very little evidence that they’ll come down again any time soon. This means cutting your bills by any means necessary is a must. 

Tips for cutting your bills

It’s important to know that in such a competitive market, there is no one cheapest energy supplier. This industry constantly varies, after all. However, there are several things you can do to cut down on your bills, especially by finding a cheaper supplier. These include: 

Shop around

The first step in the process is shopping around. Whilst many energy suppliers are currently at the government-imposed price cap, there are still some savings to be found. Do your research and look for suppliers that offer lower standing charges and per-unit costs for your energy. By making the most of these suppliers, you can limit the amount that you pay for your energy without having to cut down on the amount that you use any of your devices.  


The energy market is incredibly competitive and has dozens of companies fighting for customers at any one time. This is a perfect opportunity for anyone looking to make savings on their energy bills. Try to negotiate a better rate for your energy or a specific length of time at a fixed rate. This insulates you from energy prices going up any further, and some suppliers even offer added extras to their new customers such as discounts at third-party companies. Even if you don’t cut your energy rate, you could get more value for money in other ways. 

Use less energy

After you’ve looked for the cheapest energy supplier and negotiated with them for the perfect energy tariff, your final port of call is to use less energy. There are plenty of ways of using less energy, including finding more energy-efficient devices for your home and turning devices off standby when they are not in use. This cuts the amount of energy that you use and takes another chunk off your bill.

Try Sussex Glazing

If you’re looking for a way to cut down on your energy bills without changing suppliers, get in touch with the Sussex Glazing team today. We offer great energy-efficient windows that can cut down on your bills and get your finances in order. 

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