Will bifold doors add value to my Sussex home?

You cannot watch an episode of Grand Designs without seeing homeowners attempting to add as much light as possible to their homes.  They usually go about it by adding large glass panels or installing meters wide aluminium bi-fold doors to seamlessly combine living spaces with gardens, patios or terraces. Aluminium bi-fold doors are extremely popular with all kinds of homeowners, from renovators, self-builders or those extending, and given the numerous advantages, it’s easy to see why. If you’re looking for a door option for your extension, you may be thinking will bifold doors add value to my home?

Sales of aluminium bi-fold doors have boomed over recent years, especially during Covid when homeowners looked to extend their properties, or to reconfigure the space they already have, by creating an open plan kitchen/diner, adding a conservatory, or installing a garden gym/office.

Aluminium bifold doors are an eye-catching, modern alternative to French or sliding patio doors. They open in, out, stack to the left or right, or both, and can be fitted with a traffic door which enables the homeowner to exit without having to open the whole doorset. They are flexible in terms of configurations. Panels start at 2 and go up to 7, with maximum sizes of 1.2m x 3m per leaf.

How can I personalise my aluminium bifold doors?

To personalise the door, we offer a range of amazing RAL colours, as well as a dual option, so you can choose a different colour on the external face and a different one on the internal face to match the décor.  Security is paramount to every homeowner, so we not only manufacture our doors with sturdy aluminium frames, but ensure they are PAS 24 and Secured by Design accredited, compliant with Building Regulations, and are fitted with multi-point locking systems and an Ultion cylinder.  For upgraded security, toughened glass or even laminated glass can be specified, but potential unwanted intruders are not likely to break through the glass as it makes too much noise. They are more likely to try to access the door via the frame, but the robust aluminium frame will make this impossible.

Are aluminium bifold doors energy efficient?

For homeowners looking to reduce their heating bills and keep their homes cosy, a set of aluminium bifold doors will offer excellent thermal efficiency.  All doors are double glazed, but you can add triple glazing for ever better performance, they will keep a home warmer, reduce noise and lower energy bills.

Will they enhance the aesthetics of my home?

The trend for opening up the back of a home with a sleek and stylish bi-fold door isn’t going away.  Homeowners and buyers across the country adore them.  A homeowner will recoup their purchase price by adding value to their home when they come to sell it, and a buyer who visits a potential new home for the first time and sets eyes on a stunning set of aluminium bifold doors that flood light into a room, making it feel more spacious and leaving a lasting impression.

Aluminium bifold doors are extremely popular, on-trend and are a much sought-after home improvement product.  They are visually stunning, will certainly add the wow factor and increase the value of your Sussex home.

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