What you need to know about heritage aluminium doors

We know that aluminium doors are a popular choice with homeowners for their slim, sleek frames and unrivalled durability. Mostly homeowners opt for aluminium doors for a contemporary aesthetic, but did you know that heritage aluminium doors are the ideal solution for people who want all the benefits of aluminium in a more traditional style?

It is the stepped detailing on the profile of our aluminium heritage doors that enhance the traditional feel, taking inspiration from period steel doors, while offering all the unique properties of a modern door. Our heritage aluminium doors take on an Art Deco style, though they would also work well for a Scandi or industrial style aesthetic with their slim panelling and design detailing, including minimalist hinges and a range of colours and glass options.

These doors work for any property style, from complementing an older home’s character to adding a heritage feel to a newer dwelling. What’s more, aluminium heritage doors can also be installed within the home, acting as a stylish room divider when coordinated with the rest of your interior.

Not only do these doors add a premium feel, but they also offer the very best in technological advancements in terms of security, durability and thermal efficiency. They really are a worthwhile investment when looking to upgrade the entrance of your property.

The robust, thermally insulated frames with weather sealing, high specification safety glass and multi-point locking, make these doors incredibly strong and resilient, delivering high performance whatever the weather. With advanced thermal technologies keeping your home warm, and resistance to rust, rot and distortion, aluminium heritage doors will save you money in the long run, requiring very little maintenance and keeping energy bills down.

If you are looking to replace your period steel frames, at Sussex Glazing we have heritage aluminium windows to match the doors too. This is particularly useful if planning regulations on your home requires you to match the original windows and doors. With heritage aluminium doors, this can be done at a much lower cost in comparison to their traditional counterparts.

Why choose heritage aluminium doors?

  • Sleek, slim and detailed profiles
  • A suitable modern replacement for period steel windows
  • Heritage aesthetics with the benefit of modern design
  • Can be adapted for Scandi or Industrial interior preferences
  • Help to keep energy bills down with excellent thermal efficiency
  • High performance security details with multi-point locking mechanisms
  • High specification safety glass to keep your home secure
  • Customisable to your choice of colour and hardware
  • Suitable for traditional properties but can also add a period feel to a new home
  • Incredibly low maintenance and made from rust-free metals that won’t warp or bend
  • Resistant to changeable weather
  • Available with matching heritage aluminium windows for interior harmony throughout your home

Talk to our experts to find out how heritage aluminium doors can enhance your home

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