Transforming interiors with industrial style doors: A modern design statement

In the realm of interior design, the industrial heritage trend has stood the test of time. With a blend of functionality with modern aesthetics, this trend does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, in fact it only seems to be growing.

The use of industrial internal doors is an important component of this style as they not only delineate areas but also contribute significantly to the overall industrial vibe.

At Sussex Glazing, our cutting-edge interior screening system has been crafted with slim sightlines to provide a light and airy ambiance within your Sussex home. Our steel-look aluminium doors and screens also provide exceptional acoustic insulation, making them ideal for segmenting your property.

Flexible design options

The versatility of our industrial style doors is unparalleled. From hinged, single, and double doors to pivot and sliding options, each internal door seamlessly complements our fixed glazing screens, allowing for a bespoke design for your home in Sussex. With invisible hinges and concealed pivot or sliding mechanisms, these doors are adaptable and cater to a wide variety of designs. Our industrial style doors also require minimal maintenance and have a robust design to ensure years of reliable performance, offering both performance and durability in equal measure.

Pivot doors

If you want to add a flexible living space to your home, pivot doors can serve as both a functional divider and an architectural design statement. Pivot doors can instantly change the way an internal area is configured, keeping the space separate or opening it up to other areas.

Available up to 2.5 metres wide and 2.5 metres high, and with various glazing options, these doors redefine the way you perceive and organise your interior environment.

Hinged doors

Whether replacing traditional timber doors or integrating them into internally glazed areas, our hinged doors strike a balance between classic and contemporary aesthetics. These can be tailor-made to suit a range of design themes, with a variety of sizes, glazing options and colours to choose from. Our hinged doors offer a touch of sophistication whilst seamlessly blending with your envisioned style.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors offer more freedom to control the internal screens as they give the option of opening and closing, or partially opening the door. Our industrial style doors are one of the most effective methods of segmenting a room, and the sliding doors make a stylish and practical addition to your Sussex home. With the option of single or double sliding doors, as well as a range of sizes, glazing, and colours, the options are endless.

Fixed Screens

If you’re not interested in fully closing off the area, internal fixed screens are a great option. Partition your living or working spaces with our fixed screens to make an architectural statement with an open plan style. Enjoy the feeling of space and extra natural light whilst segmenting your room with a sophisticated design.

Choose Sussex Glazing’s industrial style doors for your home today!

Embrace the fusion of industrial aesthetics with modern functions and transform your living spaces today! Elevate your Sussex home with our bespoke industrial style internal doors screens.

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