Transform your Sussex home with industrial style internal doors

While open plan spaces are an aspirational aspect of contemporary living, they do have a downside.  Lack of privacy, greater exposed areas to heat up, and a home that can be loud and echoey are some of the disadvantages.

However, there is a simple, stylish way that you can have the best of both worlds. Industrial glass room dividers mean that you can create practical segmentation without compromising on the feeling of space, so you can transform your Sussex home with industrial style internal doors and still keep that natural daylight flooding in.

If you are looking for ways to create those extra living areas without losing light and connectivity between rooms, steel look aluminium doors combined with internal glazing enable you to maintain the appearance of open plan living in a practical fashion, while adding a real architectural statement.

Partition your property

Industrial glass room dividers are also an ideal way to partition a property in order to contain cooking smells, preventing them from spreading and lingering throughout.

If you need an area of your own away from the rest of the family, maybe for a home office where it’s important to be able to have some peace and quiet, concentrate, and make calls without being disturbed, then industrial style internal doors are ideal to create somewhere conducive to this, that doesn’t make you feel like you’re shutting yourself away from the rest of the property.

Similarly, if you’re relaxing in front of the TV or having company round, then the acoustic benefits of internally glazed areas will make sure that you’re not disturbing the children sleeping upstairs.

Reduce your heating costs

Another major benefit, keeping in mind the rising cost of energy, is that dividing rooms with industrial glass room dividers and steel look aluminium doors, makes homes much more efficient to heat and is a great way of reducing heating costs.

The smaller spaces created by internal glazing can be individually heated, or cooled, rather than attempting to achieve this with one huge open space. This can make a massive difference when it comes to fuel bills, while making it easier to achieve comfortable temperatures.

So, for a sustainable and energy efficient way to segment your home, while at the same time encouraging the appearance of healthy, open spaces, filled with natural daylight in a contemporary and stylish setting, steel look aluminium doors are a clear choice.

Start your industrial style internal doors project with Sussex Glazing

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