Transform your home with aluminium sliding patio doors

When it comes to home improvements there are many ways in which you can transform the appearance of your property. One of the best ways in which you can help to take your home to the next level, is to harness the power of natural light, and there’s arguably no better way to do this than with some new aluminium sliding patio doors. As well as the aesthetic benefits, there are a range of other ways in which your everyday living will be improved.


Using the power of natural light with aluminium sliding patio doors

The effects of adding natural light to your home can not be understated. Many homeowners look to increase the level of daylight coming into their home and it’s easy to see why. Opening up your home to the outside light can help give it a new lease of life, creating a much more welcoming feel, as well as improving your mental wellbeing.

Aluminium sliding patio doors are the perfect way of flooding your home with natural light. The strong frames mean you can create large, glazed areas with minimal interruptions to create stunning, airy spaces in your Sussex home, as well as framing your view. It also means you are less reliant on artificial lighting, resulting in lower energy bills.


Can I customise the appearance of my aluminium sliding patio doors?

Aluminium sliding doors come with a wide range of personalisation options, meaning you can customise them exactly how you like. Whether you want 2 sashes to fill a smaller space or you want to create a wide-span effect at the back of your home, with sliding doors, there’s something for everyone.

They’re also available in over 200 RAL colours, as well as the option of dual coloured, meaning you can match them to both the interior and exterior of your property.


How will aluminium sliding patio doors affect the performance of my home?

As well as being the perfect choice in terms of improving your home’s aesthetics, slim aluminium sliding doors can transform the performance of your property. Using thermal breaks allows aluminium to achieve impressive insulation to keep your home warm all year round, so there’s no need to worry about those cold winter nights. Added peace of mind is also a benefit, with sturdy frames and extra security upgrades available, as well as multi-point locking systems.

They also fit perfectly into your home life. The easy glide opening and low threshold option gives you all the aesthetic and efficiency benefits without hampering your lifestyle.


Why aluminium? Won’t uPVC do the same job?

While uPVC sliding doors are an effective and popular option for any home, aluminium sliding doors can take your home to the next level. The strength of the frames, help you to maximise glass and welcome in valuable natural light, as well as perfectly framing your views. With aluminium, you also get the added benefit of sleek finishes and minimal frames to create a stunning appearance and truly transform your property.


Transform your Sussex home with aluminium sliding patio doors

With a whole host of aesthetic and performance benefits, aluminium sliding patio doors are the perfect solution for transforming your Sussex home. If you want to find out more about how we can help, speak to our team today to see what we can do for you.

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