Improve the value of your home with aluminium bifold doors

Whether you’re planning to sell your home or want to boost its investment potential, you may be thinking about how to add value to your property.

Traditionally, new kitchens, conservatories or extensions and bathroom upgrades have been seen as a sensible home improvement investment. However, in recent years due to an increased amount of time spent at home, many of us now value improvements that not only benefit us financially, but improve our comfort and wellbeing too.

Because of this, one of the most popular home improvements trends is the installation of aluminium bifold doors. The bifold design has multiple glass panels that fold back on themselves in a concertina-style to reveal a whole wall opening. This style of door not only looks impressive but helps to create a versatile living space.

Five reasons on how aluminium bifold doors will add value to your home

  1. Connection to the outdoors

Being able to easily access the natural world can be incredibly therapeutic for our mental state, health and wellbeing, and this is something that is a priority for today’s homebuyer. As such, aluminium bifold doors enable you to open up a whole wall, with a flush threshold, that seamlessly links your home to your outside space. Bringing the outside in, bifold doors connect you to your garden as an extension of your home.


  1. Space Creation

Homebuyers want versatile homes with adaptable living configurations that can evolve with their needs. Bifold doors are not only great space savers due to their neat design, but they can also be used anywhere within the home. Commonly, people choose to use bifold doors on an exterior wall, extending the living space out on to the patio with a seamless floor transition.


However, as long as there is sufficient support, bifold doors can also be used anywhere in the home. Internally, these doors can be used as room dividers, helping homeowners to curate a living space that works for them. Bifold doors can be opened and closed depending on the preference of the homeowner, for example, sectioning off an office space, linking a kitchen and dining area or brightening a dark room.


  1. The wow-factor

Aluminium bifold doors are a stylish alternative to traditional patio or French doors. They’re extremely aesthetically appealing and add an impressive feature within a home. You only have to flick through the pages of a glossy property magazine to see that bifold doors are the architect’s door of choice – a trend that seems here to stay.


At Sussex Glazing, our modern designs include slim frames in a range of colours to complement existing home décor. When open, bifold doors give homeowners a wide expanse of uninterrupted view that truly delivers the wow factor.


  1. Energy Efficiency

Aluminium bifold doors offer you plenty of insulation from the cold weather. Potential homebuyers will appreciate how these doors are not only attractive but support energy efficiency in the home. At Sussex Glazing, our bifold doors feature a polyamide thermal barrier which reduces the amount of heat passing through the frame to keep the warm on the inside, no matter how low the temperature is outside.


  1. Safe and Secure

With such a wide expanse of glass, how secure are bifold doors? Whatever the weather, Sussex Glazing’s aluminium bifold doors can withstand wind speeds of up to 100mph due to their sturdy frames. The doors also have multi-point locking mechanisms on the main openings and shoot-bolt locking on the floating mullions, providing peace of mind that the doors are safe and secure when locked.

Let Sussex Glazing help add value to your home

If you’re thinking about having aluminium bifold doors installed, contact the Sussex Glazing team today. Our friendly team of experts offer high-quality advice to help you boost your home’s investment potential.

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