How to draught proof aluminium sliding patio doors

One of the best methods of opening your home to your garden, and to enjoy that free flow feeling between inside and outside, is to have aluminium sliding patio doors. Not only are they a stylish addition to any property, providing a great view of the outside, but they also help to make your living space feel much larger and bathe your home in natural light.

However, in the cold winter months, your patio doors mays be a source of cold draughts. Not only is this uncomfortable and annoying, but it can also result in you spending unnecessary extra money on fuel costs – something not to be underestimated in the current climate.

Hold a candle to it

A simple method of determining where a draught is coming from is to hold a lit match or candle in the vicinity and slowly move it around near your aluminium sliding patio doors. Study the motion of the flame to locate the source of the draught – but be aware that there may be more than one point of concern.

If your test reveals that the draught is coming from the bottom of the frame of your aluminium sliding patio doors, then a simple solution is to place a draught excluder to block the unwanted breeze. Also known as a draught dodger or draught stopper, they are relatively inexpensive to buy, or you can even make your own.

The keyhole to success

A recommended course of action is to check all your latches and handles, and tighten them, if necessary, as these areas can be prone to let air leak through – use washers if they are loose. It can also be possible for a significant amount of air to enter a home through a keyhole. The easiest fix for this issue is to place a piece of Sellotape over it during the winter months.

Another way to lessen the effects of draughts is with heavy curtains, window quilts and honeycomb insulating blinds.

Silicone seal the deal

If you determine that the draughts are getting in where the door frame meets the wall of the house, then this can be simply sealed, without the need for costly repairs, by using a caulk gun and silicone sealer on both the internal and external frames. Use a damp sponge to wipe away any excess before the sealant has had time to set.

When it comes to older aluminium sliding patio doors, it’s possible that some of the old silicone has perished and broken away, causing a draught between the glass and the frame of the door. This can also be fixed with silicone sealer, although if it proves to be a larger issue, then it might be time to consider a full replacement.

Aluminium sliding patio doors from Sussex Glazing

If you decide to eradicate draughts completely by investing in a new set of aluminium sliding patio doors for your Sussex home, then you can benefit from all the features that the latest technology and designs offer, including strong and slim profiles for enhanced sightlines. For extra security and maximum peace of mind, our doors include a six-point locking system, anti-lift device and internal sliding panels.

If you need more advice on finding the right aluminium sliding patio door option for your Sussex home, then give us a call today on 01273 287287 or request a call back and one of our helpful team will be in touch.

Alternatively, if you think your current doors might just need some TLC, then contact our quality repairs and maintenance service on 0800 158 8408 or fill in the enquiry form for a free estimate.

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