How to clean aluminium bifold doors

Aluminium bifold doors remain a popular choice for Sussex homeowners as their concertina-style opening seamlessly connects the interior and exterior of your home.

Whilst aluminium is a robust and durable method with a lifespan of up to 45 years, it’s still important to care for your bifold doors by keeping them clean. This will ensure the view from your home will remain uninterrupted and that your bifold doors will continue to function smoothly.

We’ve put together a simple guide to show you how to clean your aluminium bifold doors.

How often should I clean my bifold doors?

Giving the glass panes of your bifold doors a wipe should be part of your weekly routine to clean away any dirt and grime from the previous week. This is a good idea, especially in the summer months as you’ll be using your doors more regularly, meaning they will get dirtier, quicker.

We recommend carrying out a full clean every few months, just to ensure your aluminium bifold doors stay in prime working condition.

Our step-by-step guide on how to clean aluminium bifold doors


  1. First up are the aluminium frames. To clean these, you’ll need a mild detergent solution and a microfibre or non-abrasive cloth.
  2. Mix your detergent with warm water and using the microfibre cloth and wipe down the frames, starting at the top and working your way to the bottom to prevent spreading dirt over areas you’ve already cleaned.
  3. Try not to scrub too hard at any tougher stains as this could damage the finish of the frames.
  4. Once they have been wiped down, use a soft cloth to dry the frames.


  1. Next is the track, cleaning this regularly is important as debris in the track can affect the operation of the door.
  2. Using a vacuum cleaner to pick up any dirt, dust, or debris is one of the best ways to clean the track.
  3. For properties close to the sea, wash down the external surface of the track weekly to avoid a build-up of salt deposits, which could affect the function of the door.


  1. Finally, it’s time to clean the glass. You’ll need a glass spray and a microfibre cloth. Don’t forget to do this both internally and externally.
  2. Spray the glass directly with the spray and use the cloth to wipe the glass from left to right, top to bottom.
  3. Use a squeegee to finish off the job to ensure there are no streaks left behind.

What to avoid

Although aluminium is a robust material, harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners can damage the frames. We recommend avoiding scrubbing brushes, sharp objects, or abrasive pads, as well as power washers to keep your aluminium bifold doors in top condition.


Aluminium bifold doors can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, which is why it’s important to keep up with a regular cleaning schedule to ensure they look great and operate smoothly for years to come.

If you need further advice on how to maintain aluminium bifold doors, call us today on 01273 287 287 or request a callback.

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