How to choose the best blinds for aluminium sliding patio doors

Aluminium sliding patio doors make a great addition to your home as they seamlessly connect the inside to the outside. Our doors allow your rooms to be flooded with natural light and in warmer weather, perfect for creating an extended living space.

Although aluminium sliding patio doors have stunning panoramic views, at certain times you may want to keep the sun and insects out. It’s only natural to feel the need for more privacy, especially late at night. Installing blinds is a great way to minimise these feelings and stop insects getting inside your home.

There are various styles of blinds which work better for different reasons. Whether your priority is light control, versatility, or privacy, there’s sure to be something for you.

Types of blinds for aluminium sliding patio doors

Day and night blinds

Day and night blinds are made using alternating layers of fabric strips, one is opaque and the other is sheer. When the opaque strips are lined up, these blinds block the light entirely, or the strips can be lined up alternatively to partially block the light. Day and night blinds can also be rolled up like standard roller blinds to give you uninterrupted views from your home.

These blinds give you light control and privacy options, making them a great choice to pair with your aluminium sliding patio doors.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are a classic option to pair with sliding patio doors. They’re functional as they fall vertically, making it easier to open your doors to the outside. These can be customised to any width, making them a good choice for your patio doors.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are an easy and sleek option to pair with aluminium sliding patio doors. Ideal for a busy home, they have a wide range of colours and patterns so can be designed to suit your home’s aesthetic.

Blackout blinds

If light control is your top priority, then blackout blinds are the perfect option. These can come in various styles, such as roller and vertical blinds. Roman blinds are a great choice too, as they provide an elegant touch to a room.

Thermal blinds

Aluminium sliding doors bring in a lot of sun, but also the heat with it. Thermal blinds are made of a material that helps regulate the temperature of your room, and can ultimately help you save money on your energy bills.

Perfect fit blinds for sliding patio doors

These blinds work well for those living in a busy home with pets and children, as they reduce trip hazards. Perfect fit blinds for sliding patio doors are installed into the window recess, making them the ideal choice for controlling light and privacy without obstructing the operation of the door.

Sussex Glazing’s integrated blinds for aluminium sliding patio doors

At Sussex Glazing, we offer an integrated blind option to pair with our aluminium sliding patio doors. Integral blinds are installed within two sheets of glass, offering plenty of protection from the sun. By installing them this way, they don’t obstruct the view when closed, making them the perfect choice for patio doors.

These internal blinds are great to prevent furniture fading. With easy operation, our blinds can be controlled both manually and electronically. As these blinds are installed within the panes of glass, no maintenance or cleaning is required, so you can make the most of your free time.

Our blinds are perfect if you want that extra level of privacy in your home, especially late at night. With their slim sightlines, natural light will still shine through into your home, allowing you to continue to enjoy your aluminium sliding doors. In addition, there are plenty of styles, designs, and colours to choose from, ensuring they will complement any interior and colour scheme.

If you’re a Sussex homeowner and are interested in adding our perfect fit blinds to your aluminium sliding patio doors, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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