How secure are aluminium sliding patio doors?

The doors to a home are the access points that are highly targeted by opportunistic thieves. They will seek out any opening that they can take advantage e.g., doors left open, unlocked or easy to force. Securing your doors is one of the most important steps you can undertake to ensure your property and belongings are kept safe and sound. If you are thinking of installing an aluminium sliding patio door, can you be sure that the door is secure, and your home is protected?

Many homeowners have a pre-perceived view of how secure patio doors are due to the large expanse of glass, but with toughened double glazing, or even triple glazing, it would be a challenge for any intruder to enter a property through this route. All doors carry PAS24 accreditation, which is a standard of testing to measure the security performance of door sets and Secured by Design, an official police security initiative

How secure are the locking systems of aluminium sliding patio doors?

A multi-point locking system is installed which means that the aluminium sliding patio door cannot be forced along the track once the lock is engaged. The lock extends to the full height of the door and has multiple locking points along the edge of the door, providing a tighter seal along the length of the door, top to bottom. The additional security means the door will also keep out draughts and is more energy efficient. All doors are fitted with an Ultion cylinder, designed with a special ‘Lockdown’ mode feature, which is activated if the lock detects an attack.  Within the cylinder is a pin which secures the central caming – this will stop any unwanted visitors entering the property.  You have the peace of mind know that your new aluminium sliding doors achieve the latest requirements for enhanced security, without you having to compromise on style.

How robust are the frames?

Aluminium sliding patio doors are a firm favourite due to their strong and robust materials. Metal frames are sturdy and stop intruders trying to force the frames rather than the glazing, while uPVC and timber can be bent under excessive force. Aluminium is a strong material by nature, it is lightweight, heat-resistant and fireproof, does not rust and can be infinitely recycled!

Our doors are engineered to create the most impressive wide span glazed doors on the market – they offer a great choice of configurations, hardware, and colours to ensure you can style them to suit any home, whether it is a traditional property or a contemporary new build. Living spaces are flooded with natural light due to the wide sashes and are available in single, double, and even triple tracks to create large openings to your patio or garden.

So, with a toughened double/triple glazing, multi-point locking systems, an Ultion cylinder and a door assessed to the highest industry standards – aluminium sliding patio doors from Sussex Glazing will give you the peace of mind that your home is safe and secure, and they carry an industry leading 25-year manufacturer’s warranty!

To get your aluminium sliding patio door project started, call us today. You can either request a quote online or you can request a call back, where one of our helpful team will be in touch to help!

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