Composite Front Doors

If you are looking for a brand new front door for your Sussex home, then you may wish to opt for a composite door. These offer you all of the benefits of a timber door, but with two huge advantages. They are cheaper to buy and install, and require much less maintenance than wooden doors. Our composite doors offer a stylish yet secure entrance to your home and come with a delightful woodgrain finish.

What’s on offer

The range of doors that we have at our disposal offers you a wide variety of choices. They come with a range of styles, colours and designs, meaning you can create the perfect door for your Brighton home. You can opt for a traditional looking composite door, or why not go for a more modern, contemporary design?

Tight and secure

These doors also offer you plenty of peace of mind. They are extremely safe and secure meaning you can welcome your guests in in style, whilst keeping intruders at bay. They have multi-point locking mechanisms, which enhance your level of security substantially.

They come with TruLock, which delivers a very high level of performance. The low friction hook thrust plates allow for a smooth and simple operation, whilst ensuring your home is safe and secure. You can also opt for Entry Guard, which offers an even higher level of security than the TruLock. Entry Guard is essentially an upgrade and has a guard bar, which is stronger than a more traditional door chain.

Warm and dry

As well as protecting you from intruders, our composite doors are also fantastic in all weather conditions. The door skins are well insulated meaning they are unaffected by any variations in temperature and any extreme weather conditions.

Benefits of composite doors

Here are some of the benefits that composite doors can offer your Sussex home.

  • Realistic wooden effect finish
  • Wide range of colours and finishes to choose from
  • Wide variety of designs to choose from
  • Safe and secure with multi-point locking
  • Wind resistant and great for insulating your home
  • No maintenance required compared to timber doors
  • No shrinking or swelling to worry about
  • Unobtrusive appearance

Design your Door

Use our interactive door designer to see the possibilities.

  • Choose standard or stable doors
  • Choose your door style and collection
  • Add side panels or top lights
  • Pick frame style and hinge side
  • Choose your internal and external colours
  • Choose your frame colours
  • Add hinges, glass styles and many more features available in the door designer

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If you’re looking for modern and efficient Sussex doors, look no further, our composite front doors are the perfect option!

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