Composite Doors

About Composite Doors

Composite front doors are a fantastic low maintenance and highly durable alternative to timber or aluminium framed windows. Here at Sussex Glazing, we install high quality, environmentally friendly Composite front  doors that are produced by one of Europe’s leading extruders.

If you are looking for simple yet effective doors in your home, then you may wish to consider these. They are long lasting, safe and secure and are also pleasing on the eye.

Composite Front Doors

If you are looking for a brand new front door then you may wish to opt for a composite door. These offer you all of the benefits of a timber door, but with two huge advantages. They are cheaper to buy and install, and require much less maintenance than wooden doors. Our composite doors offer a stylish yet secure entrance to your home and come with a delightful woodgrain finish.

Timber Core Doors

The front door to your home is the first thing that many visitors will see. You want to ensure that you are welcoming your guests in style with a door that fits perfectly with the rest of your home.

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