Are aluminium sliding patio doors better than uPVC?

Sliding patio doors have long been the go-to option for homeowners in and around Sussex who want to open up the back of their property.

With a smooth sliding opening and plenty of design options available to create huge wide-span glazed areas, sliding patio doors offer the ideal solution for letting in plenty of natural daylight and connecting indoor and outdoor spaces.

A question we are often asked is: “are aluminium sliding patio doors better than uPVC?” but the answer completely depends on the style of your home and your family lifestyle, as well as other considerations such as your budget and security requirements.


Aluminium sliding patio doors

Aluminium framed glazing has seen a boom in recent years.

Aluminium frames offer slim, sleek sightlines, ideal for maximising the glazed area of your sliding patio doors. It is inherently strong too, so you can choose much larger sash sizes, for fewer panes and uninterrupted views into the garden or over the Sussex countryside.

There is an incredible level of design flexibility available with aluminium patio doors too. There are more than 200 RAL colours to choose from, with dual colour options also available, so that interior frame colours can perfectly complement your interior design. If you live on the Sussex coast, aluminium may be a better choice for you as there are marine-grade coating options available for aluminium sliding patio doors.

Leading thermal break technology is incorporated into Sussex Glazing’s aluminium sliding doors to offer additional levels of thermal insulation, minimise heat loss from your property and help to keep energy bills low.

In terms of security, our aluminium sliding door options are fitted with high-security multi-point locking mechanisms, are tested to PAS 24 standards and are available with a Secured by Design (the Police Approved Security Initiative) upgrade.

Aluminium door frames are low-maintenance too – they only need a wipe down with a soft cloth and warm soapy water every now and again.


How do uPVC sliding doors compare to aluminium?

Although aluminium is a great choice of material for your new sliding patio doors, uPVC patio doors have some great benefits that may be a better option for your property.

uPVC remains the most popular material choice for new windows and doors in the UK and it no longer has to be white – there is a good range of colour and woodgrain foil options available to suit your home style.

Compared with aluminium, uPVC frames are slightly wider and in order to have the huge, glazed areas that can be easily achieved with aluminium, additional reinforcement may be required to prevent any warping or twisting of the frames during a Great British Heatwave! But if you’re looking for a small, 2-pane sliding patio door, uPVC may well be a more cost-effective option for your project.

In terms of performance, uPVC has good thermal efficiency thanks to uPVC being a naturally poor thermal conductor and an engineered multi-chambered profile to trap extra warm air in the frame. Multi-point locking systems offer high security standards and all our uPVC sliding doors are tested to PAS 24 for peace of mind.

One of the main reasons that people choose uPVC sliding doors comes down to the price tag. uPVC tends to be a more affordable option in terms of upfront investment, but when you look at the lifetime of the product, aluminium sliding doors may be the better investment option as they have an expected lifespan of around 45 years.


The verdict on sliding patio doors – aluminium or uPVC?

If your budget allows, we would always say go for aluminium sliding patio doors. The slimmer frames and wider range of colour options mean that you can add a real touch of high-end designer style to your property and enjoy your high-security aluminium doors for years to come!

We also offer a range of aluminium bi-folding doors if you are looking for a different kind of style for your home – check out the top five benefits of our aluminium bi-folds on our blog.


Next steps for your project

If you’re looking for more advice on the right option to improve your Sussex home, speak to our helpful team today. They’re happy to talk you through the additional benefits of choosing aluminium sliding doors and help you decide on the finer details of your new doors!

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