Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors

About Aluminium Patio Doors

A nice set of stylish patio doors can offer a room added light and a scenic view of the garden in Sussex. If you’re holding a barbecue or dining outside in the summer months then these doors really can offer you added flexibility and the chance to move seamlessly from inside to out, making your living space feel much larger.

Patio doors are versatile and come in many styles including two, three, four and six-parted doors. Their low profiles and range of quality finishes allows for them to be the perfect finishing touch that your Sussex home might just need.

Advantages of aluminium patio doors

Whilst patio doors come in a range of materials including wood and UPVC, aluminium patio doors have a number of advantages over their counterparts. For example, if you opt for aluminium doors, you will be surprised at how much slimmer and neater they are when compared with UPVC doors.

Aluminum is a very strong metal, which means that these doors are also much more solid and stable than UPVC and they are also much more durable. Their durability also means that they require less maintenance and will last longer, making them more cost effective. On top of all of the above, aluminium patio doors also offer you a wider range of colours to choose from. This is important as everything needs to be just right when it comes to you and your home in Sussex.


Aluminium patio doors have a wide range of features. Some of these are designed to make your life easier, whilst others offer unrivalled aesthetic value to your home. The slim outer frames, for example, allow you to reduce plaster cut back whilst ensuring a more enhanced visual appearance. They also come with a six point locking system, an anti-lift device and internal sliding panels for extra security. These two features alone allow you added style and peace of mind.

Other features include a low threshold option and a low line gasket, which offer you a cleaner and more stylish look. They also come with a three chamber sash, which allows for extra thermal efficiency and added strength. And, these doors offer two, three or four door configurations, so you can choose the best option to suit your needs. 


Here is a quick rundown of some of the benefits of aluminium patio doors:

  • Stronger and slimmer than UPVC
  • Brighten up your home
  • Larger sizes are achievable
  • Wider range of colours and products available
  • Create a seamless walkway into your garden – perfect for summer
  • Concealed fixings and low thresholds for extra aesthetic value
  • High performance toughened glass units – great for wind resistance
  • Stainless Steel tracks – your doors slide smoothly and effortlessly every time
  • Extremely secure – six point locking system, anti-lift device and internal sliding panels

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