Aluminium Front Doors

About Aluminium Front Doors

Here at Sussex Glazing we would highly recommend aluminium front doors. These stylish looking and secure doors offer you the perfect entrance to your beloved Sussex home. Welcome guests in style whilst keeping intruders at bay.

That’s right, our aluminium front doors are slimline and nice to look at with a range of shapes and profiles available. When it comes to glass options, choose from 24mm, 28mm and 32mm units in a wide variety of decorative patterns for your new Sussex door.


Our aluminium front doors are not just secure and stylish, but they also come in a number of different designs. For example, they can be installed to open outwards or inwards, depending on your needs, and they can also be fitted as single or double doors. So when you are deciding on the next front door for your home in Brighton, you will want to give them a serious thought. These doors can also come internally beaded, with low threshold and side-light options too.

Advantages of aluminium over UPVC

When deciding on what material front door to purchase, it is important to know the full story. Here are some of the advantages that aluminium front doors have over their UPVC counterparts:

  • Slimmer than UPVC for a nicer look
  • Stronger than UPVC making your home safer
  • More durable and lasting meaning less maintenance is needed
  • Larger choice of colours so you can pick the one that suits you the best

Reasons to opt for aluminium front doors

These doors also come with a number of added features and benefits. Below are some of the advanced features that make aluminium front doors in Sussex so popular:

  • Both single and double doors have multi-point locking mechanisms for added security
  • They have adjustable hinges and lock keeps
  • Double doors come with dual lock mechanism, meaning you can have handles on both sashes
  • Modern design for added aesthetic value
  • Low threshold for added style
  • Aluminium is strong and robust offering added security
  • Well insulated and good draught exclusion for added warmth in winter

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