Aluminium French Doors

About Aluminium French Doors

French doors are a stylish and useful addition to your Sussex home and they are a great alternative to standard patio doors. These doors allow the full width of the door space to be opened, which is a great advantage. They also come in a range of materials including UPVC, wood or in this case aluminium.

Our aluminium French doors are built and installed to the highest standard offering you plenty of aesthetic value. You want to ensure that you opt for something that is both practical and pleasing on the eye, it is your home after all.

The French doors that we offer are built to a very high standard and are installed using a top-end two hook, two roller and shoot bolt locking mechanism. They also come with draught-free hinges, which have stainless steel stabilising pins. This allows them to stay free of rust and last longer offering high performance for a sustained period of time.

All of our Sussex doors come with 28mm toughened double glazed units and a high specification of energy efficient glass. This means that they are strong, durable and help keep your heating bills down during the colder months of the year. They also come with a choice of low thresholds and handle colours.

Advantages of aluminium French doors

All French doors are great. No matter what material you opt for, you will always get a stylish looking set of doors that will frame your garden and offer you plenty of easy access to the outdoors – which makes them perfect if you love to host guests and throw barbecues in the summer. However, if you opt for our Sussex aluminium French doors, then you will also get a number of other added benefits including the following:

  • Aluminium French doors are slimmer than their UPVC counterparts
  • Aluminium French doors are also stronger than other types of French doors
  • They are also more durable and last longer
  • You get a larger choice of colours and profiles with Aluminium French doors
  • Most people tend to agree that they are also more aesthetically pleasing
  • Aluminium French doors also come in larger sizes than UPVC doors
  • They also come in a larger range of colours

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