Aluminium Commercial Doors

About Aluminium Commercial Doors

If you are a commercial premises in Sussex then you will be delighted to know that here at Sussex Glazing we offer commercial doors. These aluminium doors have a wide variety of benefits to your business and they come in a wide variety of styles.

You could opt for hinged pivot doors, bi folding doors, pivot swing doors or sliding doors, it’s up to you. These doors also come built to last and are specially designed to be used in heavy traffic areas that are being constantly used all day long.

Aluminium - strong and reliable

Aluminium doors are generally selected for their strength, which is vitally important when talking about commercial needs. It is a strong metal that is also relatively low maintenance, which makes it a great choice when it comes to doors in Sussex commercial properties. These doors will last a long time without showing signs of wear and tear and will still remain sturdy and secure when locked, offering you plenty of peace of mind.


As well as being sturdy, secure and long lasting these types of doors are also versatile and can be used in a wide range of locations. For example, you could opt for some aluminium commercial doors in shopping centres and they can be outside facing or located indoors. You can also opt for them in entrance halls, in dividing walls (say at the gym or swimming pool), in offices or in showrooms.


Commercial properties, as you may well know, have a number of regulations that they have to abide by. Aluminium commercial doors – when fitted with the correct hardware and specification – meet the specified fire regulations, as well as controlled access and exit. This is important to note as uPVC and residential doors do not meet these requirements and are therefore not suitable for commercial properties. Aluminium commercial doors are also installed with low thresholds, meaning that they meet the current Building Regulations and the Disability Discrimination Act, as they offer easy access for disabled people.

Added features

These doors are also good for commercial premises in Sussex because they come in a range of styles, with plenty of added features available. For example, they have anti-finger-trap hinges, which mean fingers or hands cannot get trapped in the hinges when the doors are opening or closing.

Another added benefit is that the centre hung doors come with the ability to open both ways, which can be incredibly useful in commercial properties. In terms of added features you can opt for buzz entry systems, access control, swipe card entry systems, automatic operation and much much more, including a variety of locks and handles.


Here are some of the benefits that come with a proper set of commercial doors:

  • Slim profile and sight lines for added aesthetics
  • Low maintenance levels required
  • Well insulated and draft proofed
  • Variety of styles and locking systems available
  • Can be automatic opening including slide and swing options
  • Most glazing options can be fitted to these doors
  • Robust and long lasting
  • Comply with all building regulations and laws
  • Disabled access thresholds

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