Aluminium Bi Fold Doors

About Aluminium Bi Fold Doors

Bi-Fold doors are a stylish alternative to more traditional patio and French doors. If you are looking to replace your current patio doors, or you are working on a brand new project in Sussex and require something fresh, then you should most certainly consider opting for some lovely bi-fold doors.

These doors add a versatility to your Sussex home that other options simply cannot compete with. They are stylish and elegantly slide away to allow you to socialise and entertain with ease. If you go with bi-folds, then your doors will no doubt be admired by friends and family next time you want to indulge in some al fresco dining or host a summer barbecue.

Add extra space and style

Bi-fold doors are not only a stylish addition to your Worthing home. They also offer you a great space-saving solution. This wall of glass may look nice, but it is practical too as it folds away to open up your living space. They allow light in when closed, and when open your home becomes lovely and spacious.

These Sussex doors really can allow you to make the most of a spectacular view, or bring your beloved garden into your home. They are also versatile in their space saving abilities. You can choose designs which fold from right to left or left to right, creating a standard entrance that is easy to open and close. You could also opt for a design that opens from the middle outwards giving you the option of a nice double door.

Choose to have the sashes fold away internally or externally depending on your arrangement, the choice is up to you. And with the latest designs that come with super-slim frames, you really do get to appreciate an unimpeded view.

Added warmth

Bi-fold doors also offer you plenty of insulation from the cold. They are packed with added design features including a polyamide thermal barrier, which allows you to keep your home warm when it’s cold outside. The strong aluminium doors will always be warmer on the inside, no matter how cold a day it is.

Solid and strong

These Sussex doors won’t just offer added warmth and style, they are also strong and secure. Made out of aluminium frames, they can withstand wind speeds of up to 100mph. They also come with multi-point locking mechanisms on the main openings and shoot-bolt locking on the floating mullions which allow you to rest assured, safe in the knowledge that they are as secure as can be.

Features and benefits

Here is a list of some of the main features and benefits to having bi-fold doors in your Eastbourne home:

  • Attractive, slim-line profiles offer reduced sightlines
  • Huge range of configurations to suit openings up to 10 metres wide and 3 metres high
  • Choice of level thresholds
  • Low line gasket for enhanced appearance
  • High performance toughened glass units
  • High security multipoint locking system
  • Finger safe gaskets
  • DOC ‘L’ building regulations compliant
  • Stainless steel tracks ensure your doors slide smoothly and effortlessly every time

Wide range of added options

As well as being stylish, strong and insulated, these doors also come with a wide range of personalisation options. You can opt for a design that matches your colour schemes and suits your Sussex home in a number of ways. You can also decide on whether you want your bi-fold doors to come in aluminium, UPVC or timber.

Here are just a few other options that are available to you:

  • Weathered, low or Flush thresholds
  • Integral Venetian blinds within the double glazed unit
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • Trickle air vents
  • Marine grade finish

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