Aluminium sliding patio doors vs French doors

When choosing new doors for your Sussex home, the choices can be overwhelming. At Sussex Glazing, our aluminium sliding patio doors are the perfect option to increase the level of natural light that floods into your home.

Two of our popular aluminium patio doors are sliding doors and French doors. Both of these doors offer great benefits to your property, but are French doors or sliding doors better for you? We’ve put together a guide for you to figure out which style best suits your property.

Aluminium sliding patio doors

Aluminium sliding patio doors are the perfect option to create a seamless walkway into your garden. These doors have slim outer frames and low thresholds to maximise the amount of natural light flooding into your indoor space, whilst enhancing the aesthetics of your home.

Our aluminium sliding doors are extremely durable, and their robust frames can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Stainless steel tracks make opening your doors easier as they have an effortless slide. No matter the size or weight of these doors, you will be able to open up your home to the outside.

At Sussex Glazing, our aluminium sliding patio doors are available in a wide range of colours ensuring you’ll easily be able to find the right colour to match your home. Available in two to six leaf configurations, they suit a range of openings and properties. When opened, these doors tuck neatly behind one another without impeding upon the space in your room.

With a three-chamber sash, these sliding patio doors have excellent thermal efficiency. This sash also provides added strength to the door, keeping you safe within your home. A six-point locking system, an anti-lift device, and internal sliding panels are standard to prioritise you and your safety. Our doors are fitted with high performance toughened glass units, which is also great for weather protection.

Sussex Glazing’s aluminium sliding doors make a great addition to properties of any size when you want clear sightlines and easy access to the outside.

Aluminium French doors

If sliding doors aren’t your thing, our aluminium French doors may be the perfect option for you. As an alternative to sliding patio doors, French doors are built to a high standard and offer exceptional aesthetic value.

Our aluminium French doors are slimmer and stronger than their uPVC and wood counterparts and are typically perceived to be more aesthetically pleasing. They’re also available in larger sizes compared to uPVC French doors.

With draught-free hinges and stainless-steel stabilising pins, our French doors remain free of rust and have a longer lifespan. Our high-performance toughened glass is great to keep the heat in and the cold out as well as keeping you safe in your home.

Aluminium French doors have a timeless aesthetic, complementing both traditional and contemporary properties. For larger spaces, you can add sidelights to increase the amount of natural light that floods your home.

We also offer a heritage aluminium door option to recreate traditional steel-look glazing and add Art Deco aesthetics to your home.


At Sussex Glazing, we want to help you find the perfect patio door for your home. If you’re still unsure whether aluminium sliding doors or aluminium French doors are the best fit for you, get in touch today!

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