Aluminium bifold door opening options

Aluminium bifold doors are a hugely popular choice for home improvement projects. The impressive design and style make them ideal for homeowners looking to add a unique door option to their glazed extension.

As they are made up of several glass panels which fold in a concertina style, there are multiple bifold door opening options available to create something which fits perfectly into your home. When deciding how you want your aluminium bifold doors configured, there are several things to keep in mind.

How much design flexibility do I have?

The number of opening options you have to choose from depends on how much space you have. If you want an aluminium bifold door for a smaller space it will have fewer panels, which means your options are more limited. The more panels you have, the greater level of flexibility there is to change the opening options.

Things to consider when designing your aluminium bifold doors

There are so many things to decide on when it comes to designing your aluminium bifold doors, so here are some things you need to take into account.

  • Where you want them to open

You want your doors to fit into your home in the most practical way, so it’s important to think about what would best suit your space. It may seem like a small thing but making sure your doors open in the right direction is very important. You can open them from the left, the right, or if you have enough panels, you can also make them open from the centre.

  • Where you want them to stack

When you have your bifold doors open, you want to be able to stack the opened panels without them getting in the way of family life. You can stack them inside the house, or if you don’t want to take up any space inside your home, you can have them stacked outside, or to the left or right. If you have larger doors with more panels, some homeowners prefer to have them open from the centre and stack each side, so you don’t have the bulk of them altogether. It also means you can have just one side or the other open – perfect for creating a really flexible living space.


  • Whether you want easy access

Fully opening a bifold door when you need to get into the garden can at times be quite a chore. However, you can make it easier by putting a traffic door into your configuration, which is when one of the panels is used like a standard entrance door for easy access, meaning you don’t have to use the folding mechanism to get into the garden, let the dog in, or put the bins out!

aïr 800 bifold doors

We are an aïr Accredited Retailer meaning we stock the impressive aïr 800 bi-fold doors, which come with an industry-leading 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Available in more than 200 RAL colour choices and a huge range of opening options, you have complete design flexibility.

If you’re looking for aluminium bifold doors for your property to transform your home, then get your project started today. If you want to learn more about your bifold door opening options, then give us a call today and one of our team can help advise the right fit for your home.

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