How To Keep A Conservatory Cool

Through the warmer months, outdoor dining and entertaining is all the rage; having a conservatory offers a great place to sit and fully experience the sunlight while enjoying your garden at it’s peak. However, in the summer heat your conservatory can often become unbearably hot, so to help you bring down the temperature we’ve put together this handy list of tips for your home.


Put up blinds

Putting up some good, made to measure blinds can protect a room from the full glare of the sun, so they can keep the room fresh and bright, without the heat being too much.


Add a cooling film to the glass

There are now widely available films to apply to the inside of the glass in your rooms. The film rejects UV rays, cutting the heat and glare that enters your room. The good thing about these coatings is that they still let in enough light and heat for you to enjoy the warmth, but prevent the room from overheating.

Air Flow

Allowing air to sit still will turn your conservatory into a furnace. Keeping consistent airflow is vital to a cool room and makes sure you get that fresh air feeling whenever you enter.


Increase ventilation

Getting more cool air to flow into the room means more air has to flow out taking its heat with it. It sounds simple but making sure you have windows and doors open can really make a difference, especially at the hottest time in the year.


Install air conditioning

Opening the doors and windows can only do so much – depending on your conservatory, you may need something extra to keep your favourite room cool in the face of the summer heat.


Choose soft, light furnishings

When you’re designing your conservatory, it’s a good idea to choose colours which are softer, light and pastel to make sure that you’re keeping the room cool. Dark colours and materials like leather are notorious for collecting all of the days’ heat and emitting that heat back into the room. Conversely, pastel and soft colours will reflect the more and so help to prevent the room heating.

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