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If you are looking for a cost effective way to add extra light and space to your home, whilst avoiding a large amount of fuss, then you should most definitely consider purchasing a conservatory. Many homes up and down the country suffer from a lack of natural light, whilst for others space can be a real issue. However, the addition of a conservatory to your home can not only offer you a bright and airy place in which to relax, but it can also brighten up the adjoining room in your house and make your home feel like a larger, nicer place to be.

Enjoy your garden all year round

Here in Britain we love sitting out in the garden. There are few places that are nicer for relaxing in the summer months. However, thanks to the infamous Great British weather, we aren’t able to take advantage of our gardens as much as we’d like. That’s where your conservatory will come in handy! With a conservatory installed you will be able to relax in the surroundings of your garden all year round. You will have access to a unique and comfortable living space whatever the weather.


Not only are conservatories the perfect way to create more space but they are versatile too. The right installation can be used as somewhere to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of family life; a safe place where children can play; somewhere to dine and entertain friends; or as a private home office. The possibilities are endless. They really are a cost effective and hassle free way of adding an extra dimension to your home.

Hassle free

But why are conservatories deemed so hassle free? Well, the reason behind this is because most domestic conservatories are exempt from standard Building Regulations and Planning Permissions. This means that in most cases a conservatory can be bought and installed with the least amount of fuss.

Many different styles

There are a wide range of conservatory styles to choose from, meaning that they are able to suit a variety of needs and preferences. Whether you want a beautiful traditional conservatory or a contemporary design, you will not be disappointed. You may also wish to have a glazed or solid roof, a design that’s complex to look at or one which is minimalist with clean lines.

It is vital when it comes to something as personal and important as your home, that you are presented with as many choices and varieties to choose from. Which is why it is fantastic that conservatories come in so many different styles, shapes and sizes.

Add to the value of your home

As well as providing you with a lovely place to relax and spend some time, conservatories can also add significant value to your home. A recent survey was undertaken by Egg, the online bank, which showed that a conservatory could add on an extra £11,000 to the value of your home.

The benefits of buying a conservatory

Here is a rundown of all the different reasons that you should consider purchasing a conservatory:

  • Add extra space to your home
  • Brighten up your house by adding extra natural light
  • A versatile space with many uses
  • There are a wide variety of styles to choose from
  • Cost effective and easy to install
  • Hassle and stress free
    Add value to your home

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