Secondary Glazing, Brighton, Sussex

  • A secondary glazing unit, is a separate pane of glass that sits as an extra layer on the inside of an existing window or door. It is usually used to offer the main window extra protection as well as added insulation from the elements - during the colder months - and extra protection from unwanted noise pollution.

  • Verticle sliding Secondary glazing installed Brighton

    If you are looking to add some extra protection to the windows in your residential or commercial property, then you may want to consider installing secondary glazing units. These consist of a second panel of glass that sits on the inside of your existing windows or doors.

  • Here at Sussex Glazing Services, we fit a wide range of secondary glazing units. These units are able to be fitted to windows and doors in both residential and commercial properties. They can offer you added insulation from the cold, whilst also helping keep noise pollution down.

  • Secondary glazing units offer you the perfect piece of added insulation against the cold and extra protection from noise pollution. Here at Sussex Glazing Services we fit these secondary glazing units to standard windows and doors at commercial and residential premises. If you are looking to enhance your home or workplace, then secondary glazing units may well be just what you are after.

  • Secondary glazing units can be fitted to windows and doors in your home, or commercial property, to offer you more thermal efficiency. If your home is poorly insulated, and you are spending too much on your energy bills then secondary glazing may well be what you require. As well as helping keep the cold air out, secondary glazing will also help prevent against noise pollution.