Vertical Sliding Secondary Glazing, Brighton, Sussex

If you are looking to add some extra protection to the windows in your residential or commercial property, then you may want to consider installing secondary glazing units. These consist of a second panel of glass that sits on the inside of your existing windows or doors.

These panels are able to provide you with extra protection on your current windows, making them excellent for listed buildings or stained glass windows. However, the benefits do not end there. These units also offer you added insulation from the cold, and an extra piece of protection from any unwanted noise pollution.

Secondary glazing units - vertical sliding

We install a wide range of secondary glazing units, here at Sussex Glazing Services. These range from fixed and lift out units, to hinged and sliding options. Vertical sliding units are specifically designed to be used with sash windows.

These units consist of two secondary panels that sit one above the other. These panels are able to slide vertically along the sliders, which are supported by rigid and sturdy spring balances. This means that they are nice and easy to open for maintenance, cleaning and added ventilation, whilst remaining structurally sound and secure.

Vertical sliding units can also come with an added tilt-in facility, which means that each panel can be independently pivoted inwards for added ease and functionality.

Range of choices

We know how important your home is to you, which is why we install a large range of secondary glazing units. This means that our customers can choose from a huge number of sizes, finishes and colours. You can choose the unit that best matches your home.

Where can these be used?

These windows are useful where access is required through the primary window and they are the perfect solution for sash windows.


Here are some of the benefits that come with vertical sliding secondary glazing units.

  • Increased insulation

  • Reduces noise pollution

  • No planning permission required

  • Ideal for conservation areas and listed buildings
Verticle sliding Secondary glazing installed Brighton