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, Brighton, Sussex


I’ve noticed many clues to the imminent change of season, including summer sales, where retailers are hurriedly shedding their stock ready for new autumn ranges; boutiques and magazines displaying warmer designs, layers of thicker fabrics to insulate our bodies and help us adapt to the oncoming cooler climate.

Despite these warning signs, I’ve found myself clinging for dear life to the warm weather and my summer wardrobe consisting of minimal clothing usually in the form of cotton M&S shorts, t-shirts and sandals. Luckily I have a cupboard ready with jumpers, jackets and winter coats but unfortunately my draughty victorian house with its original features, doesn’t have the same kind of reserves.


No Comparison


My neighbour, Geoff, who’d taken off in his campervan to chase the last of the heat wave had asked me to feed his cat for a week. On entering his home, I noticed a significant difference in temperature. It was that first rainy Sunday in Brighton, when the thermometer had significantly dropped in the night and the wind levels were higher and cooler than usual. I’d woken up that morning and for the first time in ages, thrown on some jeans and a cardigan and hurriedly closed all the windows in my house; however standing in my neighbours home, I was feeling decidedly warm again.




This home, despite the fact that the basic layout and interior, was almost identical to my own, not only felt warmer but much quieter and there was a significant sense of stillness to the general feel of the place.

The experience of walking from room to room, was also very different, my movements didn’t echo as they usually do and the atmosphere felt softer and calmer, somehow. The silence too was palpable, without the usual hum of city traffic in the distance and only a faint sound of rain and wind in the distance. It was apparent that Geoff’s home, unlike my draughty space, felt very warm, safe and secure indeed.


Thinking ahead


Looking around, it became obvious by that the change came from the newly installed, double glazing which Geoff and his wife had cleverly decided to have fitted in every room and even his front and back doors. A very sharp move, on their part, something that wouldn’t have occurred to most of us, who had become very complacent with the current climate and taken the warm weather for granted. Much like that extra layer of seasonal clothing; without a prompt from the high street shops, I would still be holding on to my shorts and sandals to the bitter end.

Geoff and his wife on the other hand, will now be able to settle in and enjoy the comfort of their own ‘great indoors’ and benefit from their cosy, insulated space with its easily regulated temperature, whilst next door, in my house, Autumn is slowly but shortly beginning to move in and I’m starting to think that it might be time for me to make that move and get my home kitted out with an extra protective layer, in the form of double glazing, ready for winter.


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